Volume 1: Connection

Released August 2020

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What does the word 'connection' mean to you in this moment? 


August 2020 - a time of social distancing, unknowns, reflection, and reimagining. Thirteen Santa Feans responded to what the word connection meant in their lives in that moment through imagery, literature, culinary arts, photography and more. Their responses were curated into 5x7" booklets printed locally and distributed for free throughout Santa Fe.

This series was created as a platform for honest creativity, as a physical space to connect, and a keepsake of the historical moments we live in. The series began as a project organized under Creative Santa Fe, and shifted to an independent project as of  November 2020. 

About the Volume 1 Contributors, in page order


Kate Russell is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Whether she is chasing the light or creating it, she strives to show her subjects with simplicity, respect and curiosity. The subjects she has covered are a varied as her background: action, architecture, art, circus, food, friends, life and travel. The lines frequently blur. Recently, Kate has been turning her focus towards collaboration with her subjects. Looking for ways to level the playing field and bring overlooked voices to the table through collaborative imagery.


Brian Hardgroove is a record producer, multi-instrumentalist and member (on hiatus) of the legendary hip-hop group Public Enemy. Hardgroove’s productions include the talents of Chuck D (Public Enemy), Steven Tyler & Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Burning Spear, Marc Anthony, Supertramp and The Fine Arts Militia. His most cherished work is with Demerit and Brain Failure; two of China’s premier punk bands. Hardgroove’s newest band is Unholy Crows. UC’s music is socially and politically astute yet artistically constructed in the mold of the legendary arena rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s.


Brian Vallo, Governor of Acoma


Artico is an Artist Collective founded by nine small business owners working in design, art and craft. They banded together to support each other amid the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more at www.artico-20.org


Angela Smith Kirkman has recently taken over the management of Paseo Pottery, a pottery-powered charity in Santa Fe. Angela is a ceramic artist and photographer with nearly thirty years of experience specializing in rustic dinnerware influenced by years of travel. She recently returned from a journey around the world during which she hiked the Inca Trail, snuck into a communist headquarters in Bulgaria, rode camelback through the Sahara, caught the swine flu in Istanbul, was chased out of the Grand Mosque of Uqba, lived on a vineyard in Portugal, taught at a tribal school in Rajasthan, biked floating markets of Thailand, and communed with snow monkeys in Japan. Angela is excited to be back home in Santa Fe harnessing her love for pottery to give back to the community.


Elizabeth Jacobson is the Poet Laureate of Santa Fe, New Mexico and an Academy of American Poets 2020 Poet Laureate Fellow. Her most recent book, Not into the Blossoms and Not into the Air, won the New Measure Poetry Prize, selected by Marianne Boruch (Free Verse Editions/Parlor Press, 2019), and the 2019 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for both New Mexico Poetry and Best New Mexico Book. She is the founding director of the WingSpan Poetry Project, a not-for- profit which from 2013- 2020 conducted weekly poetry classes in battered family and homeless shelters in New Mexico. WingSpan has received four grants from the Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry. Elizabeth is the Reviews Editor for the on-line literary journal Terrain.org and she teaches poetry workshops regularly in the Santa Fe community.


Chrissie Orr was born in Scotland, a descendant of the Picts (the painted ones) She is an artist, animateur and creative investigator who has created innovative, provocative community-based art projects in diverse areas of the world and is recognized internationally for her pioneering work. She is the recipient of the Santa Fe Mayors Award for Excellence in the Arts and she is a founder of the SeedBroadcast Collective. She is the co-founder of the Academy for the Love of Learning’s EL Otro Lado Project and the Institute for Living Story and is presently the Academy’s Creative Practice Fellow. She has kept a journal for more years than she can remember, their broken worn spines line her bookshelves and contain her secret memory lines. One day she might share these. In her spare time she grows ancient varieties of corn and beans to learn new ways of being in this world and loves to instigate beautiful trouble. “I find it hard to stand still. My most inspired times are when moving, its then I find the stillness. I live in a land that is not home, I laugh in another language and I run another path.”


Kaela Waldstein grew up around fine craftsmanship in the diverse city of San Francisco. She applies the talents she has developed over the course of her life to the craft of filmmaking. An early fascination with the art of storytelling inspired her to teach herself how to write (once upon a time = oassaponatim). At San Francisco School of the Arts High School, she studied visual arts and gained a refined sense of color, balance, space. However, it was a social documentation class that Kaela took while studying Sociology at UC Santa Cruz that triggered an interest in human-centered filmmaking. She brings her exceptional communication skills, keen visual sense and sensitivity to the art of video production. Kaela specializes in short documentaries, promotional films, and is an FAA certified drone pilot.


Cyndi Conn is a curator of art, ideas, people, experiences. She currently serves on the Governing Board of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the International Council of The Black Mountain Institute, and on advisory boards of the National Parks Arts Foundation and N Square Innovators Network.


Marrianne Sundquist - As a child born into an Italian family, Marianne quickly realized that the kitchen was the heart of the home, and cooking for each other translated into love. She currently works on a number of culinary projects, from recipe development, consulting, to her new project as a co-founder of Stokli, a general store for the future (stokli.com).


Winoka Yepa is Diné, originally from Shiprock New Mexico but currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a doctoral candidate in education and museum studies at the University of New Mexico, in which she is currently working on her dissertation research titled, “Iiná: Exploring Indigenous Identity Through Art,” an artsbased participatory action research study that aims to identify alternative and new representations of Indigenous identity from a decolonial framework, with emphasis on Indigenous epistemologies and storytelling. Winoka is also the Senior Manager of Museum Education at the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and an independent curator in digital experiences and digital storywork.


Lauren Camp is the author of five books, most recently Took House (Tupelo Press, 2020), which Publishers Weekly calls a “stirring, original collection.” Honors include the Dorset Prize, fellowships from Black Earth Institute and the Taft-Nicholson Center, and finalist citations for the Arab American Book Award and the New Mexico-Arizona Book Award. Her work has been translated into Mandarin, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic. In 2020, she was selected to be one of 100 international artists for 100 Offerings of Peace and one of 101 women storytellers for The Scheherezade Project. She lives in Santa Fe, where she gladly teaches creative writing to people of all ages. www.laurencamp.com


Hyukhee Kwon graduated St.John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She wants to tell stories that are beautiful as well as thought-provoking.